How To Stop Smoking Pot With Emotional Freedom Technique

I am frequently asked about my opinion about what is the primary action to be done before one decides to quit pot smoking. With all the information, suggestions, and methods that the Internet suggests, to finally quit pot smoking appears to be disheartening.

In fact there are available treatments and supplements, which are very effective, that you can consume to help you take control of your desire to smoke marijuana. The down side is, not everyone is lucky enough to have the needed amount of dollars in order to pay for rehabilitations or purchase supplements whose effectiveness are uncertain.

So better take note: Always Avoid Stress!!! Smoking marijuana can be triggered by the stresses you suffer. When you give up and lose hope, you manufacture more stress for yourself and then now you’re asking why you can’t even resist the urge? You can make it if you think about it. Don’t push yourself to hard. Calm down and don’t let your desperation and addiction take over your life. The answer is very simple, just loosen up and let the stress evaporate.

What you actually need to loosen up is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). If finally you want to quit pot smoking, this is the method you are looking for. EFT is in fact very available, free, fast, easy and perhaps very effective in helping you to stop your hunger for smoking marijuana and alike.

But first, what is Emotional Freedom Technique? Emotional Freedom Technique is a method utilized to help stop addictive habits. This technique looks odd but setting that aside, you can see that it is very efficient in helping you reverse your cravings for smoking weeds.

Perform this method by applying pressure over specific areas of your body the same time as your mind is busy thinking about your desire to consume marijuana. As you do this you can reverse this craving for weeds into hunger for something that you don’t like. Positive affirmations are also projected towards your subconscious mind as you use this technique. I personally recommend this to everyone. Try to try this technique as it is basically simple yet effective in achieving goals.

This method is basically done by applying pressure into certain key points in your body. Always remember that it is required of you to think and concentrate on your urge to consume marijuana before and during applying pressure on these pressure points. This method helps neutralize the emotional stresses that keep you stuck with your addiction.

Marijuana is a substance that is very addictive. But still there is hope in overcoming these cravings. EFT may look simplex and uncomplicated but it helps you defuse the physical and psychological aspect of your addiction. In just a session, approximately about maybe 3 minutes, your addictive problem can be solved. That’s the miracle of EFT!

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